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Eclectic music for a modern world

We have now started our Seasonal Programing there are small changes

to our regular scheduale, these will be until January the 2nd.

Wishing you all a "Happy Holiday Season" 

Airsleigh40 2016 is coming and we need your help!
Airsleigh40 for 2016 is coming to Radio Arcadia, and we want to know what your favorite Christmas song of all time is. To tell us, click on the link Above to vote! All the votes will be counted and compared with station airplay over the festive season and then join us for the countdown to see where your song has ended up. But, you must be quick. Voting closes on the 17th December at noon UK time!


The eclectic radio station where we play music

from all over the world!

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Radio Arcadia is now available (click for more)

at 64K and 128K AAC+  64k 128K Mp3

and in HiFi at 320k Mp3!

Click link to listen to 64k AAC+

Click link to listen to 128k AAC+

Click link to listen to 64k Mp3

Click link to listen to 128k Mp3

Click link to listen to 320k Mp3


For Android you MUST have an app installed! CLICK here for Google Play

we use "Serve Stream" its small and works well!



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